The Pottery Bowl 2013
When family and friends gather around your kitchen table a handmade serving dish contributes to the warmth of the event. As a pottery bowl shares your quality times it soaks up memories of those comfortable moments. Youngsters will ask for "their" bowl at breakfast and grown children will seek out these connections to the past when they visit. So find a special bowl that will look good holding your food while it is becoming a member of the family.

Travel the lakeshore road past the potteries on the west island and seek out a bowl that speaks to you. Cradle each bowl in two hands and find one that makes a connection. Visit the kilns by the lake and bring a one-of-a-kind bowl home to supper. It will improve your life.

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If you have a pottery event please let me make it part of this page.
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I really would like pictures of pots with food in them.
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